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Happy Birthday Ben! Forever Young!

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“We do not stop playing because we grow old,

we grow old because we stop playing!


Then and Now…………………..

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Ironically, I received this in an  e-mail from Good Looking Uncle Joe (GLUJ).  It really states the case of how “Plugged In” we have become with the use of our “SCREENS.”  So on this beautiful day, unplug and play the old fashion way.  Board games, Puzzles,  take a walk with the kids.  Take a little bit of “Then” and bring back to NOW!     Enjoy it!! Have FUN!

How Kool to have your Kids work with you at O’Doodle’s…

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Wow!  Two Kids home from Kollege, and One Kid From the Kollege High (La Salle) helped out the ToyDad at one BUSY day at O’Doodle’s.  So Kool to have the Family Business be just that! 

We open tomorrow at 8:00 am

Kause we close at 3 and out the Door by 4. 00 (Rhyme)

I Hope the is OOOOOOOOO’  “K”  –

Kause Santa  (k) Claus is on his Way!

Merry Christmas!

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Happy Father’s Day with a Quote from Bill Shakespeare

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Happy Father’s Day from the ToyDad.  As a bit of a Shakespeare buff, I remember this quote from my English Class back at LSCH.  It comes from  the Play  A Merchant OF Venice.  For years I always said IN Venice.  Anyway.  The quote speaks volumes about my children.  It when I listen and read between the lines I gain knowledge from my Kids.

  “It is a wise father that knows his own child.”

I am Happy to be able to enjoy today with my kids and get to “know”  more about them.  Happy Fathers Day

Don’t lose your marbles – have the kids save ’em

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Just had a Dad in O’Doodle’s who bought 100 Marble because his kids were caught doing good.  What a great idea!  Bravo Dad for getting them – but he admitted it was his wife’s doing.   Anyway kids earn marble for chores, good behavior, and then when the marble hit the brim the fun begins.  They can trade them in for treats, toys, sleepovers.  Way to accentuate the POSITIVE!!!  HEAR! HEAR! Great way to keep your marbles……………

Alex’s Lemonade Today and Tommorrow

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Members of the NW Moms are all smiles as they serve up lemonade for a great cause.  They will be around tomorrow with a “cool” duck pond!

The Dad has a Grad……………

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Proud ToyDad Post!  Here’s a Pic of the “Children” at Pat’s Pre-Graduation Mass.  Pat is Bookended by Bren and Cait!  Congrats to Pat and all who are graduating this June!  Keep you posted!