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Unplugged Fun Blog Starts TODAY!

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Unplugged Fun


I had a real unplugged Saturday evening! The power went out and my three teenage kids – oops (My daughter is now twenty but still my little girl)….didn’t know what to do. No Laptop – no facebook – OMG – no TV or DVDs. To make matters worse for my youngest – his cell phone battery powered off. TOTALLY UNPLGLUGGED and Cold too!
The Unplugged fun began with a simple deck of cards. What would it be Crazy 8s, Golf or Secret (old games we played at the pool), Texas Holdem, Fish, WAR. Rummy – yep Rummy ran out. My daughter recomended Rummy 500. Heck the power was off – the candles were on and Play Began.
What a great night of old memories and new laughs. It was like being a kid again. Hey if your lookijng for unplugged things to do we have plenty to offer at O’Doodle’s. Believe board games are great and a great way of just chatting. It was refreshing to be Unplugged and ya know what after the lights came on we still played. My kids admitted that they really had a blast.
If you lost power how did you power your evening at home with the kids I’d love to here. Hopefully the start of a daily blog from the ToyDad!


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  1. Wow!
    Sounds like a fun way to have fun. If things get to nuts at home – I am thinking of going down stairs and pulling the main breaker on the electrical panel. I’ll update after I do
    Thanks looking forward to your blog

  2. Thanks – I may do that as well. Think of al the energy savings!!!


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