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Happy Birthday Ben! Forever Young!

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“We do not stop playing because we grow old,

we grow old because we stop playing!


Then and Now…………………..

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Ironically, I received this in an  e-mail from Good Looking Uncle Joe (GLUJ).  It really states the case of how “Plugged In” we have become with the use of our “SCREENS.”  So on this beautiful day, unplug and play the old fashion way.  Board games, Puzzles,  take a walk with the kids.  Take a little bit of “Then” and bring back to NOW!     Enjoy it!! Have FUN!

O’Doodle’s was more Sparkling than all the Cider we served up on New Year’s Eve!

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My son Brennan is seen here sampling the Cider we served up.  It was truly a great start to the New Year!  My Daughter Caitlin was the Artist who designed the piniata which replicated the ball at Times Square and my wife Kerry was there  to welcome in the New Year.  In case you’re  wondering Brennan didn’t drink all the glasses in front of him – but the look on his face says to me that he may accept the dare.    Happy New Year to ALL.  2012 all the way

How Kool to have your Kids work with you at O’Doodle’s…

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Wow!  Two Kids home from Kollege, and One Kid From the Kollege High (La Salle) helped out the ToyDad at one BUSY day at O’Doodle’s.  So Kool to have the Family Business be just that! 

We open tomorrow at 8:00 am

Kause we close at 3 and out the Door by 4. 00 (Rhyme)

I Hope the is OOOOOOOOO’  “K”  –

Kause Santa  (k) Claus is on his Way!

Merry Christmas!

Back to odoodles.KOM

ToyDad looks on at La Salle as the JV holds it’s first Scrimmage

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The Toydad had to slip out of the National Potato Day Celebration at O’Doodle’s to catch his son Brennan on the Grid Iron.    The team played well  and the weather couldn’t have been nicer and the Toydad more PROUD!


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Even the Wooden Foods needs the "FRIDGE" in this weather

It was a great Surprise to see my favorite food from my childhood included in the new “FRIDGE” Foods from Melissa and Doug.  (Available in store and ODOODLES.COM) I remember my days at Summer Camp in Wyndmoor having a Bologna ( I Still say Baloney) sandwich on white bread and mayo.  Yes the camp kept it cold until lunch time.  When it comes to Phoney Baloney we have the best fake food around! Stay Cool!

Green Eggs and Ham and the Cat inspirational……

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When the Cat in the Hat visited the REAL Sam I am (Samantha) at Roller’s Expresso and O’Doodle’s today.  He was greated with this portrait.  Stop by O’Doodle’s see the talent of this young artist.  O’Doodle’s!

Happy Father’s Day with a Quote from Bill Shakespeare

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Happy Father’s Day from the ToyDad.  As a bit of a Shakespeare buff, I remember this quote from my English Class back at LSCH.  It comes from  the Play  A Merchant OF Venice.  For years I always said IN Venice.  Anyway.  The quote speaks volumes about my children.  It when I listen and read between the lines I gain knowledge from my Kids.

  “It is a wise father that knows his own child.”

I am Happy to be able to enjoy today with my kids and get to “know”  more about them.  Happy Fathers Day

Don’t lose your marbles – have the kids save ’em

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Just had a Dad in O’Doodle’s who bought 100 Marble because his kids were caught doing good.  What a great idea!  Bravo Dad for getting them – but he admitted it was his wife’s doing.   Anyway kids earn marble for chores, good behavior, and then when the marble hit the brim the fun begins.  They can trade them in for treats, toys, sleepovers.  Way to accentuate the POSITIVE!!!  HEAR! HEAR! Great way to keep your marbles……………

Alex’s Lemonade Today and Tommorrow

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Members of the NW Moms are all smiles as they serve up lemonade for a great cause.  They will be around tomorrow with a “cool” duck pond!

The Dad has a Grad……………

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Proud ToyDad Post!  Here’s a Pic of the “Children” at Pat’s Pre-Graduation Mass.  Pat is Bookended by Bren and Cait!  Congrats to Pat and all who are graduating this June!  Keep you posted!

Leo the LEGO Suns on the ToyDad’s Front Yard

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Leo the Lego!

The first sign of summer at the O’Doodle Home is Memorial Day weekend Flags in Memory of all who have served and are serving for the Great Country and………Little Leo the Lego on the Lawn.  (Say that 5 times fast).  He is seen here taking in some rays and the aromas of nearby Bar-B-Ques.  Happy Memorial Day and if you didn’t know O’Doodle’sand Fran the ToyDAD will be on the NBC 10 Show starting at 11 tomorrow.  Happy Memorial Day!

Ah! Success! Spotlighted in our Spectrum Fundamentals Studio!

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Mark your Calendars for June the 4th.  Social Skills are needed ALL around!  Had a great educational seminar on this subject  at La Salle University.  The ToyDad blog will bop between O’Doodle’s and Spectrum Fundamentals Studio.  The Stories will continue to be  on and off the Spectrum.

Proud Prom Post – O’Doodle’s Mobile Enroute!

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The is a Proud Prom ToyDad post.  My Son Pat and his date Mary are off to the La Salle College SENIOR! Prom.  This sharp looking Dude and his date have chosen the O’Doodle’s TEAL (see below).  He’s beaming so much the he is reflecting off the car as well.  Pat’s helps out at O’Doodle’s after School and weekends until his departure to Ithaca College in the Fall!   Thanks for the eye and ear….we’ll keep ya “prom posted.”

May 13, 2011

La College High School Senior Prom

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Wishing Every Mom a Happy and Unplugged Day!  Kids and Dads don’t forget to spoil MOM today!  Look back with her on all the great things she has done for your Family.  As a ToyDad of three, Cait 21, Pat 17 and Bren 15, and to see how my wife of 24 years has lovingly  “mothered” them into Lady and Gentlemen does not go unnoticed on this day – Mother’s Day!  Much love goes out to all Moms, but most goes out to my wife Kerry!   Happy Mothers Day!

So Happy that we are hosting……………

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I am getting all the details but this is where the Spectrum Fundamentals is heading.  Mark your Calendars for June the 4th.  Social Skills are needed ALL around!  Had a great educational seminar last Friday at La Salle University.  The ToyDad blog will bop between O’Doodle’s and Spectrum Fundamentals Studios.  The Stories are always on and of the Spectrum.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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Coloring with the Bunny (Stripes Optional)

It was SUNNY with the BUNNY inside O’Doodle’s Today!  Peter Popped in, oh yea that’s Hopped  in (Correct but not alliterated) and Danced and Colored with the Kids.  Cookies were a hit too from BAKER STREET BREAD .  The kids went through over 150 cookies – Adults had their Share too!  My son and friends from La Salle helped out in the Role of the Rabbit. We’re OPEN Sunday 10 to 5 so stop in for some unplugged FUN!

St. Patty’s Day – Craftin’ the Green

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Craft a little Bag O'Luck!


Wee Folk  whirled into  O’Doodle’s this beautiful (almost Spring) day to Craft some magic stones for the Bag O’ Luck.  Dorothy never saw Rainbows like these.  Toto we’re not in Oz anymore…..Our own Karen and Will aided the “Wee People” as they created their very own “Gold.”   This is a kick off our soon to be announced Craft Classes at O’Doodle’s. 

 If you didn’t get to enjoy today. Please stop by this Sunday from 12 to 6 for a FREE – Spring Crafts.  Karen will be there to show and tell kids of all ages the magic crafts of spring.

TROOP 98 Sells over 150 Boxes!!!

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Congratulation’s to the girls and moms from Girl Scout Troop 98!  The girls braved the cold and flurries.  Their cheerful smiles and giggles warmed up the avenue!!!  Quite the sales folks too!  O’Doodle’s was happy to Support Troop 98!  Hey other Troops we’d love to have you too!  Just contact me at  I am partial to the thin mint!!!  See you at OOOOOOOOO’Doodle’s!